Replacing Your Roofing—Things you Need to Know

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There has been a big wind storm, hail storm, or heavy snow and you now have a damaged roof that needs replacing.  Most times when damaged roofing needs replaced the homeowner will contact a reputable roofer to do the repairs or replace their roof.  It is a major job and is usually quite expensive but if you have insurance most of the time their policy will pay for the roofing repairs or replacement minus the deductible.  To ensure that you are getting the best deal for the money you should make sure that you know some things about the roofing business.

Many people are unaware that there are many different roofing types that are utilized in the United States.  There are factors that you need to be aware of to help you determine which type of roof is best to install on your home.  You need to know about the style, how much installation is under the roof, the climate where the home is located.  If you are going to pay for the repairs or replacement cost out of your own pocket you are going to have to take your budget into consideration.

Some of the common roof types found in the United States include tile, metal, multiple or single ply, asphalt shingle, wood shake, and slate.  If a person is replacing their roof they will usually replace it with the same type of roof that was on the house.  If your home has a small slope to the roof you should use asphalt shingle or multiple or single ply.  These also work on flat roofs.  The most expensive and heavy roofs is slate and tile roofs so these may not be in your budget nor suited for your home.  For windy climates you should have a metal roof because they hold up to the windy conditions and are lightweight but they can be expensive.

You also need to take into consideration the type of climate you live in.  If you live where you get a lot of precipitation and snow you need to make sure that it will hold up to these type of conditions.  You need to make sure that the gutters on the edge of the roof are fastened properly so the snow on the roof can drain away easily.  Also, the preferred type of roof is usually one that is sloped.  You should not use a wood shake roof in these type of conditions as the wood could rot, making more repair problems and possible more replacements.

Make sure that when you choose a roofing contractor that they are reputable and have experience with roofing repairs and replacements.  They should have a many satisfied customers.  Talk to your friends and family and ask for referrals of qualified roofing contractors.  The right one should be bonded, insured, give free estimates, and have a warranty on their work.  

You can do it yourself but it can be time consuming especially if you work a full time and can only work on it during the weekend.  Hiring a reputable roofing contractor will get the work done quickly.

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Replacing Your Roofing—Things you Need to Know

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This article was published on 2013/07/23